February 12, 2012


Does online dating really work?  That's the question I'm currently exploring and it turns out I'm starting out using first generation technology (Match/Chemistry) instead of third generation technology (mobile dating via smartphone apps).

I'm already intimidated by my new phone, which is certainly smarter than I am.  Also, I'm not big on long phone conversations, and I only text for utilitarian purposes.  I hate the idea of that Facebook app that tells the world where you are at any given time.  Too much information!  The idea that the kind of smartphone that I own tells you quite a bit about my level of... um... just how suggestible I might be is hair-raising.  So the idea that an app might let its entire population of users to where I am and that I might just want to hook up for a brief meeting totally freaks me out.

This is probably an age thing, but I don't find any of this appealing.  On the other hand, I'm more likely to meet a great guy in playgrounds where great guys go...


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