January 7, 2012

The Start of Something Big

After just a few days on Match.com and Chemistry.com, I've discovered what could be a lucrative next career -- as a photographer for guys wanting to make good matches.  Sheesh.  Half the match hits I get have no photos whatsoever, and three quarters of the other half have godawful out-of-focus pictures snapped with camera phones, pictures of their dogs, kids, families, buddies, cars, boats, favorite vacation hot spots, etc.

Guys, seriously -- post at least one good photo that shows off your face.  Take the time to put a decent shirt on and spend a bit of time on your grooming.  Comb your hair.  Trim your beard/mustache.

Women care about this stuff.  (And, for what it's worth, I bounce every single match that doesn't have a photo without ever bothering to read the profile.  I assure you I'm not alone in that.)

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